Tips to Purchase Affordable Indian Traditional Jewelry in London

Are you looking for traditional jewellery in London? Jewellery is the perfect way to add elegance to your outfit and showcase age-old craftsmanship. Keeping in mind individual tastes, Asian apparel stores offer an extensive collection of costume jewellery including necklaces, earrings, rings, maang-tikkas, bangles and bracelets in traditional and modern designs.

Earrings to Die For

A pair of gorgeous earrings can add panache to an outfit and help complete the look. You can choose from many beautiful designs including chandelier earrings, hanging earrings, polki broad jhumkis, studs and kundan earrings in the UK. Tops in a wide variety of shapes including oval and rectangle are the ideal way to convey a sophisticated style sense. Diamante earrings add a dash of brightness and bling to an outfit whereas earrings featuring pearls are perfect for exuding classic style.

Gorgeous Maang Tikkas

Apart from kundan earrings in the UK, Asian clothing stores offer extensive collections of necklaces and maang-tikka sets in traditional designs. The Rajasthani-style maang-tikka is one of the most favorite jewelry items that a woman popularly uses to stand out from the crowd at festivals and weddings. There are different types of maang-tikkas including kundan varieties that are most suitable for women with smaller foreheads. Customers can also select from heavy kundanmathapatti with matarmalas and stone studded maang-tikkas to look beautiful and create an exquisite traditional look during important functions.

Ear Ring

Inspiring, Durable Pieces

The quality of costume jewellery can make or mar your appearance. Costume jewellery is a popular option due to its affordability and diversity.  It’s affordable but not cheap and you would want to use it on at least a few occasions to get full value for your money. While a large number of stores offer imitation traditional jewellery in Central London, it’s important to purchase from a reputed supplier offering authentic designs and durable pieces.

Head down to your favorite Asian clothes store and explore their range of dazzling, bewitching costume jewellery pieces!

Explore the Amazing World of Pakistani Designer Clothes

Rivalries apart, India and Pakistan share many commonalities – apparel heritage and a passion for wearing beautiful clothes being two of them. Whether you’re gearing up for Eid or the wedding season, Pakistani designer clothes in London will charm you with their feminineness, elegance and exquisite workmanship.

Stylish Formalwear Designs

When it comes to formalwear, Pakistani designer clothes in London are highly appreciated and loved. This is because they usually feature luxurious fabrics such as silk and include rich embellishments such as diamantes, tassels, intricate embroidery and quality laces that enhance their traditional appeal. Formal wear includes everything from floor-length gown style dresses to shararas in a wide range of stunning color combinations. The best part about them is that they look flattering on most body types and they can be made-to-measure to achieve the perfect one-of-a-kind look.

Chic Casualwear Outfits

Unless it’s an exclusive bridal apparel store, a wedding wear shop in Marylebone will also offer chic and casual Pakistani designer clothing. Casual wear from Pakistan is sought after all over the world due to its innovative designs, vibrant colors and intricate workmanship. Whether it is kaftans, ponchos or printed kurtas, you can trigger major envy in others. Exquisite detailing such as dainty floral embroidery or pearl embellishments is enough to make you go weak at the knees.


One-on-One Style Consultations

Pakistani designer wear can easily make its way into a bride’s wedding trousseau and the closet of a discerning fashion aficionado. From modern to traditional, heavily embellished to elegantly worked, Pakistani designer wear includes diverse styles and designs. With many apparel options, it can be quite difficult choosing the right outfit that reflects your style and personality. Onitaa is a Leading Asian wedding wear shops in Marylebone offer style consultations from expert staff to customers who may need a little assistance in picking wedding or festive apparel.

Take along your family or friends to make it a memorable day of shopping for stunning Pakistani designer wear in London’s Marylebone district!

Trendy Plus Size Fashion and Indian Casual Wear Choices This Season

Whether slim or curvaceous, every woman desires to dress well and pamper herself with the latest fashion trends. While earlier full figured women struggled to find outfits that looked good on them, today’s Asian plus size fashion shops in the UK offer enough sizes and fashionable styles to make any voluptuous woman look and feel beautiful inside out.

Fashion for Curvy Style Divas

Women today are far more comfortable with their bodies and Indian designers are coming out with new styles of outfits that complement fuller figures. They are creating silhouettes that make a woman look slimmer and taller. The need of the hour is to have more outfits that accentuate a woman’s natural figure while taking attention away from problem areas. Outfits such as floor length jackets, capes, kaftans, angrakhas, tunics and sarees made from soft, flowing materials that highlight curves are the preferred choices of plus size women today.

Trendy Casual Wear

Multi-designer stores offering Indian casual wear in the UK make it easier for women of all sizes to explore versatile collections of trendy apparel. Embroidered chiffon and silk kurtas are a favorite as they are light, comfortable and can be mixed and matched with various types of bottom wear such as culottes, pants or palazzos to create unique outfits every time. In addition to these, you will also find tunics with our without capes, embroidered waist coats, summery frocks, short dresses, high/low skirts, high/low tops and much more. If you’re interested in complete ensembles, halter dresses with cape and churidar or tank tops with halter dress are quite fashionable today. For an elegant style, you can choose a sleeveless chiffon top with pants.

With so much variety of Indian casual wear in the UK, it can be very easy to get overwhelmed or become a fashion victim. The trick in selecting the right outfit is remembering your body type and choosing styles that complement it. Of course, you can play around with prints, fabrics and colors to discover your unique sense of style.

Tips to Select Flattering Plus-Size Asian Clothing in the UK

There was a time when the only option available for Indian plus sized ladies was going to the tailor to get clothes stitched. With greater realization that beauty does not conform to size and that big can be beautiful, designers as well as retail stores are now offering trendy plus size women’s clothing in the UK.

For All Occasions

Shopping for stylish Asian party wear in UK can be confusing, especially if you have a plus size body. However reputed stores are now stocking a wide variety of outfits including sarees, salwar suits, anarkalis, casual wear and fusion wear that make curvy women look glamorous and breathtaking. Whether you need to dress up for a party, festival, mehendi ceremony, wedding or black tie event, you can find something that will do justice to your body type.

Understand Your Body Type

Being plus size means that you can be top heavy, bottom heavy, waist heavy or have an overall curvy body. Awareness of your problem areas is essential to find the perfectly fitting plus size women’s clothing in the UK. For example, if you have a heavy midriff, you can select an angrakha style kurta which is one of the hottest style trends this season. To take attention away from heavy arms, you can wear full sleeved outfits. Full length kalidar anarkalis make a woman look leaner and longer. While choosing sarees, look for light fabrics such as chiffon, net or georgette will make you look slim and accentuate your curves.

Indulge in Chic Casual Wear

Apart from Asian party wear in the UK, multi-designer retail stores also offer a wide range of chic casual wear collections that would make any voluptuous woman look stylish and fashionable. Choose from trendy palazzos, pants, colorful tops, tunics, ponchos or opt for skirts with complementing silhouettes to create a unique fashion statement. If you’re not sure what to buy, make a style consultation where a knowledgeable stylist will help you find an outfit that looks flattering on you.

Asian plus size ladies in the UK – please don’t despair! Just head to a leading multi-designer Asian apparel store!

How to Shop For Plus Size Women’s Clothing

Plus Size Women’s Clothing in the UK has come a long way in terms of fashion and size diversity. What many plus sized women considered out of their reach in the past has now become easily available for them in a wide range of sizes and fittings. Here are a few tips on how to shop for clothing if you happen to be on the curvier side.

Consider Your Body Shape

Yes, you read it right! Just because you are plus size, doesn’t mean you don’t have a well defined body shape. All women have one of the standard body types, and you need to emphasise your assets in order to feel your best. If you have a square or rectangular body type, create shape with flared skirts or a flowing dress cinched at the waist with a belt. This style also goes well for an hour glass figure, while flaunting your curves. Women with a pear shaped body can choose to wear Women’s Casual Wear in London like separate tops and bottoms to balance out their figure.


Don’t Always Follow the Crowd

The latest trends may suit a few body types, but not everyone. Instead of blindly following the latest fashion styles, choose clothing that is more flattering to you.

Highlight Your Best Features

When shopping for Women’s Casual Wear in London, choose clothing that emphasise your assets and best features.


Accessories tend to draw attention to them, so choose a nice neck piece to show off your neckline or a colourful belt to emphasise your waistline. Accessories like handbags and jewellery also make basic outfits look trendy and chic.

Choose the Right Fit

Avoid wearing loose or baggy clothes as they tend to make your silhouette appear bigger. Instead, opt for a more flattering fit for your figure. It may also be a good idea to get your Plus Size Women’s Clothing in the UK tailored or custom made to ensure a good fit.

Revival of Asian Designer Couture in the International Markets

The number of Asian designers have doubled and tripled thanks to the development of the natural talent inherent in them by encouragement and training at Design Institutes.  Asia especially the Indian subcontinent has a rich cultural heritage of fashion, clothes, embroidery, and jewelry that has been handed down from generation to generation.  The neglect that this rich heritage faced has now been recognized and our designers are going back to their roots, which is one of the reasons for the revival of Asian designer couture.  Clothing in India varies from region to region based not only on religious practices but also on the weather.


Richness of Asian Designer Couture

Foreigners are attracted to Asian designer couture due to the richness of the fabrics and the colorful hues of the clothes.  While traditional Indian clothing is very colorful, they became more so when they are made for special occasions such as weddings or festivals.  Rich silks, chiffons, and georgettes are embroidered with different kinds of embroidery to create gorgeous clothes fit for a princess.  Asian designers utilize these exquisite weaves and designs to create outfits that can be worn for any occasion.  Shops that sell Asian couture clothes can be relied on for maintaining the quality of the pieces they sell, be it clothes or accessories.

Buying Asian Clothes from Online Stores in London

Online stores selling Asian clothes are also attracting a lot of traffic especially in London.  This is because of the immense variety of designs and fabrics that are available in these online stores.  Asian designers draw heavily on their respective regions for ideas when creating dresses whether it is for formal occasions or for daily work wear.  The emphasis is on fit and silhouette of the dress irrespective of the material used as they are well aware of the importance of a good fit in enhancing the confidence of a woman. For more information visit us at Asian Bridal Dresses UK

Shop for Exciting Indian Designer Wear in One of London’s Most Fashionable Districts

Whether you’re an Asian bride or a guest, a wedding calls for a lavish and opulent apparel ensemble. If you’re looking for stylish Indian designer wedding dresses that seamlessly incorporate traditional Asian heritage, head to London’s fashionable Marylebone district where you’ll find the best apparel stores.

Original Bridal Wear in Attractive Colors

 From sangeet and mehendi to the nuptials and reception, Indian weddings entail many functions and dress changes. Multi-designer Asian women’s clothing shops in Marylebone carry an extensive selection of original and unique garments to cover you for all ceremonies. You can choose from traditional opulent lenghas with luxurious fabrics and lavish embellishments or opt for a modern ensemble with Western influences. Colors for designer wedding dresses have evolved and you can select from a wide range of hues such as sage green, mint green, onion pink, bright orange, peach and yellow-gold to name a few.


Premium Customer Services

Reputed Asian women’s clothing shops in Marylebone collaborate with talented Indian and Pakistani designers and bring their latest creations to UK so customers have an opportunity to don the latest style trends. A bride-to-be can choose from a wide range of sarees, salwar suits, smart casual wear and semi-formal wear to create the perfect bridal trousseau that will leave everyone breathless. If you need shopping assistance, you can make an appointment for a personal style consultation where a knowledgeable staff member will help you pick the right outfits according to your taste and budget.

Accessorize Your Look

While shopping for Indian designer dresses in the UK, don’t forget to check out accessories you’ll need to perfect your desi look. From exquisite necklace sets, maang tikkas, earrings and statement rings to bangles, bindis, ethnic footwear and bags, you can purchase the best accessories that will make you look sensational for a wedding. Leading stores provide online shopping, so if you’re not in the mood to travel all the way to Marylebone, you can shop from the comfort of your home.

Order a made-to-measure designer dress with ease and confidence – head to London’s Marylebone area for a fabulous day of shopping!

Picking up Attires from Women’s Clothing Shops in Marylebone

Women’s Clothing shops in Marylebone keep an assorted collection of clothes suitable for all occasions.  There are clothes for work, for parties, and for black-tie events in your office.  Dresses and gowns could also be custom made for extra special occasions.  The quality of the clothing is maintained for every single piece sold irrespective of whether it is off the shelf or custom made.  Branded accessories are also made available such as scarves and shawls, sometimes with Chandelle lace frills to add to the style quotient.  These clothing shops are well aware of the need for the modern urban woman to look her stylish best whether at work or at leisure.


A Well Fitted For Enhancing Confidence

Dresses available at women’s clothing shops in Marylebone are beautiful clothes that enhance the beauty and confidence of a woman.  A well fitted dress from these shops helps a woman to do her best at work and stand out at parties.  The party dresses are decorated with delicate embroidery and are available for women of all sizes.  The classic lines of these dresses add to the self assurance of the wearer, helping to increase her grace and style.  While making these dresses unique, the designers and design houses are also aware of the need to be competitive in the market to make their products viable.

Pakistani Designer Clothes For The Smart Women

Pakistani designer clothes are also available in clothing stores in London.  While maintaining exclusivity, they are also aware of the importance of ensuring their products are affordable to the chic crowd.  Pakistani designers try to mix in traditional and modern ideas when creating dresses that women can use as work wear as well as stylish versions of evening wear when accessories are added.  Shops that sell these exclusive clothes also have accessories that help to complement their outfits.

Make a Splash at Special Occasions with Top Notch Indian Designer Dresses

Connoisseurs of high end Asian apparel settle for nothing less than the very best Indian designer and Indian couture in the UK. Exciting silhouettes, lavish fabrics and mesmerizing embellishments make the latest Asian designer outfits highly desirable. With some of the biggest trends already in stores, it’s time to start wearing them and raise your style quotient.

Popularity of Designer Apparel

Traditionally, Indian couture in the UK is synonymous with bridal wear. Due to increasing purchasing power and evolving community trends, Indians abroad are wearing Indian designer clothes and couture for a wide variety of special occasions such as festivals, parties, black tie events and many others. Specialist stores offering exclusive designer apparel are well aware of these trends and are completely up to the task by collaborating with reputed designers from the Indian subcontinent and offering comprehensive, on trend collections in-store and online.


Exclusive Couture Collections

The latest bridal lengha with intricate embroidery and lavish embellishments will leave you enthralled and mesmerized. While traditional maroon and red still hold sway, other hues ranging from bold purples to subtle greens are also causing ripples among fashionistas. The silhouettes available are mind boggling – from floor sweeping anarkalis and dramatic robe/coat styles to ravishing Indo-Western gowns for women and regal sherwanis for men, any bride or groom can find a style that suits their personality and fashion sensibilities. Leading stores offer personal style consultations and made to measure services for bespoke couture wear.

Affordable Designer Wear

Of course, not everyone can afford high end couture. Keeping this in mind, Asian apparel stores in London also offer vast collections of affordable ready to wear designer apparel in the latest styles, designs and colors. Apart from this, they carry an eclectic collection of accessories such as fashion jewelry, bags and footwear so customers can create the perfect ensemble without having to trudge from one shop to another.

The trend of wearing Indian designer dresses in the UK for all occasions is not going away any time soon –if you want to be the cynosure of all eyes, start building your collection!

Fulfill Your Craving for Luxury Asian Designer Couture in the UK

Every Asian bride dreams of wearing a stand-out dress that will make her look like a queen on the Big Day. Asian bridal wear in London is as diverse the culture and heritage of the home country and whether you want to go low key with a minimalist, elegant outfit or make a splash with a heavily embellished ensemble, there’s always a designer and a store that will cater to your taste and requirements.

Stunning Bridal Wear Collections

From rich and ornate lengha cholis and chic kurta lengha to modern coat style lenghas and Indo-Western fusion gowns, specialist stores offering exclusive Asian bridal wear in London carry huge varieties in latest designs, patterns and colors to satisfy even the most discerning customers. While browsing through styles, it must be remembered that wedding wear is a reflection of your personal taste and in order to stay true to your personality, you should look for outfits that combine your style preferences with latest or emerging trends – that will be a winning combination.

High-End Luxury Couture

It’s very easy to get confused and carried away while looking at Asian designer couture. Reputed stores offer in-store style consultations wherein experienced stylists assist customers in selecting outfits and making a final choice. This is a great way to avail expert opinion and make the right choice of designer apparel. One of the main benefits of purchasing Asian designer couture in UK is that it’s completely bespoke and made to measure. Renowned stores offer a simple and hassle free process for bespoke dresses. Customers can select their favorite design, style, fabric and embellishments according to their budget and let in-store stylists take their bespoke measurements. You will be called for a trial fitting and if everything’s alright, you can walk out with your dream outfit.

Lavish fabrics, vibrant colors and exquisite embellishments are the essence of high quality Asian designer wear. Shop at a one stop store offering extensive collections and accessories for added convenience and benefits!